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Empowerment of your life. That’s what I’m committed to. My name is Tony Teegarden. Over the past 16 years I’ve been self employed and have studied and practiced sales, management and leadership. I’ve found that all of them have one thing in common. You MUST connect with people.

Currently I am building a successful home based agency marketing Identity Theft Protection and legal benefits for a 35 year old NYSE company called Prepaid Legal Services Inc.

In my blog I look forward to sharing with you my 15 years of knowledge (and growing) on connecting with people. However, here is why I'm really excited.

I’ve found that excitement comes from having intimate knowledge of a problem and having intimate knowledge of the solution. The problem is how do we connect with more people. The solution is 1st connecting with...that's right, ourselves.

By empowering our thoughts we empower our world there by connecting with ourselves and others on a deeper more rewarding level.

**I'm not posting on this blog much these days due to the fact I've moved over to and also Both give me more creative freedom. Come visit and get some surprises!

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Interests: Playing music (guitar now for 22 years), Reading, travel, health and fitness, Journaling, Personal development. Movies: Gladiator We were Soldiers Once The Patriot Saving Private Ryan Pumping Iron. Books: Think and Grow Rich 360 Degree Leader Beyond Fear The Four Agreements Prophecy Atlas Shrugged The Twelve Pillars Way of the Peaceful Warrior The Richest Man in Babylon The Slight Edge Real Magic Blogs