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    March 29, 2008


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    I Believe I deserve to be wealthy to serve the many people in need. I personally believe that unless I give back to the people and society that money should not gravitate toward me. The world needs powerful charities with great mission statements which will give the money back to the people in the most efficient manner with the greatest possible good. No hidden agenda's or high paid executive. I deserve to be wealthy to be able to change the world.

    chris nunez

    why do i deserve to be wealthy,you must forgive me where as you can imagine this question does not allow for much humility,there the question that i pose to the universe is why does wealth deserve,me...well because i am me,i was born wealthy,im a lover and a worker i give and a reciever,i am gods greatest creation and am destined to live a life of abundence,and mispelling ;-).....wealth deserves me for the same reason i deserve it...we were born to be romemo and juliet...only w/out the thank you for allowing me to share this for this is the fris time i have put into words why it is i feel to be true of my self-worth.

    oh and p.s.
    the 15 pg book was great!!its would have been worth every penny..should i have paid for it!


    My apologies guys! My comment notification was off and I had no idea you had replied.

    Cudo's to both of you for putting yourself "out there" so congrats!!

    Look for your eBooks in your email!


    I deserve to be wealthy because it is something I can become. I have the power to change myself and my circumstances. By bettering myself in my thinking and committing to proven systems in my business, then wealth will follow. As wealth comes, then I will be able to help many people as wish to in a way that I can't without wealth.


    I believe I can.
    I have a definite goal
    I have a definite date in mind
    I am thankful for all blessings
    I know what I will give up in time and effort to achieve my goal
    I know who I will Help
    I am ready now

    Anthony Teegarden

    Congratulations Jim! Your ebooks are on their way!

    Make it happen!

    Anthony Teegarden

    Jim your email address isn't working. Please email with a correct address or a new one. The ebooks came back to me!


    Many thanks for the great site with a great quotation from O. Marden, one of the very best in the field of self-development

    Anthony Teegarden

    Thank you Eric!Keep your eyes open for more updates. Mr. Marden's work is truly timeless and deserves a lot more attention.


    I deserve wealth health and happiness because I have been working so hard all my life but now I have 2 beautiful children (4 & 6y.o) and they need me it's time for me to be who I want to be mom & wife.
    I want to help others financialy who need help. I want to feed the hungry. I'm always very giving
    I have more more to give because there's more of those to receive.

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