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    April 11, 2008


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    Wow, that was surely a dupping of crap for sure and your just the man to receive such mess and turn it into a learning experiance and move forward from it.

    I bet we could all read into what his life is like on a daily's his parent's fault for the way they raised him, it's the schools fault he doesn't make a lot of money, it's the girl's issue why he can't get a date, it's the worlds fault why he's so misserable because it's out of his I getting close? He, unlike you Tony, are not a "doer" or thinker...he's a blammer and probably broke as a joke and mad at the world.

    What's that saying that my dad says (who by the way Mr. Positive, is a MULTI MILLIONAIRE)I am broke or I is a MILLIONAIRE...he says he'll take the second one any day because all formal education does is almost guarantee school debt and not a 6 figure income.

    I love your blog-keep doing it every day-to promote positive thinking and encourage people to think outside of the box-and when yahoos like Mr. Positive write you just know you are doing something right!!!

    PS. Sorry for any spelling errors by the way because I'm sure my banker really cares about that too???

    Anthony Teegarden

    Thanks for the comment!

    I've never seen a statue erected over a critic!

    Nikki Patrick

    Wow! I am speachless. Actually, no, Thank You Mr. PPDS for your negative attitude and cinical mindset. Thank You for taking the time out of your day to share with us how miserable your life is. You Sir, are not ready. NEXT!

    Keep up the great work Tony, your posts, although filled with misspellings and grammatical errors, are thought provoking and inspiring to say the least.

    I often wondered what it would be like to be perfect. Maybe Mr. PPDS can tell me.

    Footie Forum

    Whilst the guy had a seemingly mental rant at you, it was quite funny.

    He also had a pop at your grammar & spelling, yet his own has quite a few errors too.

    Where he goes....

    -- why bother with silly things like being an educated or knowing how to spell. Or, generally contributing thoughtful public discourse instead of cynically exploiting a growing market of inspirational speaking that is no different than widgets -- a system that is neither unique nor revolutionary, just a proven formula of manufacturing a product.

    Let's dissect this...

    1) being an educated...

    An educated what? That is grammatically incorrect.

    2) . Or, generally...

    Completely incorrect grammar too I'm afraid.

    3) --

    Why two, instead of one. If we were nit-picking, and we are, it should only be one.

    Lots of other little ones too, but that is a sample of his own hypocrisy.


    Cassandra Hawkins Wilson

    I really liked the professional manner in which you handled the email. I didn't know that blogs were considered a research paper with no errors. I always assumed that it was my thoughts and expertise. Maybe I have been going about this the wrong way. You write well for not having a college degree. Your response was true motivation for me. Thanks!

    Miss Cellania

    You are certainly right to take this for what it is (trolling) and not let it get you down. I most wholeheartedly agree that you learn to write by writing. There really is no other way.

    John Alexander

    One of the things that your readers will be pleased with, is the evidence of being so very professional in how you've handled this. Good wisdom my friend. It's not so much what we say as how we say it.

    Then again, I remember back when I was in the Corporate world, I was in a room with Executive VIP and a co-worker. The VIP began to ask me all kinds of things, needling me and making rather attacking comments. I said nothing to defend myself but it was VERY puzzling.

    Once he left the room, I said to my co-worker, I just don't understand why he was so angry and critical? He does not know me? This was our first meeting and I'm sorry he does not like me for some reason.

    My co-worker closed the door so we could talk and then he told me something with a smile. He said, "John you don't understand. The executive officer who just tore a strip off your back could have no higher opinion of you. He has personally heard about your work and has known all about you for some time."

    "The reason he turned up the pressure just now was to observe how you handle yourself under pressure."

    My co-worker said, "no worries, you handled it very well."

    Even though this scenario is different in your case, the result is still the same. You handled it VERY well. Be greatly encouraged, and I wish you much continued success with your Blog.

    Anthony Teegarden

    Wow I just wanted to thank each of you for #1 taking the time to read and #2 for taking the time to share your thoughts, stories and comments!

    I know how busy we are but uniting for the cause of all that is good and positive is critical these days.

    This just proves to me for every negative ninny there are 5 people who DO care about what's right and doing good!

    I thank each of you again!

    Deb Call


    Bless you for having the courage to share this with all of us so we can learn too. I'm not sure I would have been able to do what you did. I commend you for allowing your most authentic voice to come through. You didn't pretend to be something you are not. You are a rare breed! Thanks for being you.

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