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    June 23, 2008


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    JR Enthusiast

    Hey everyone. I'm really interested in learning more about meditation. I just read James Ray's book Harmonic Wealth and have been practicing his four categories of meditation: Focusing/Visualization, Listening/Watching, Static Transcendence, and Mobile Transcendence. He lists a bunch of ways to access each category in his book (page 309), but I'm still having some issues. I have listened to some meditation DVDs in the past and have been able to get into that space pretty easily, but I'm having a much harder time focusing in on my own. Any tips for how to tune in without the help of an audio track?
    I plan on attending Quantum Leap in the fall, so hopefully he'll teach me some more techniques there, but I'd really like to keep meditating before then and make some progress. If you are interested, check out his website: or


    Anthony Teegarden

    Hey JR thanks for the asking! I know when I was younger I practiced meditation everyday. It takes discipline and patience. It did seem easier when I was 19 and 20 years old but my logic was that I didn't have as much "stuff' that I was carrying around in my mind back then as I do today.

    Regardless, meditation and getting to that quiet state or as Wayne Dyer says, the secret that sits in the center and knows, just simply takes time and persistance.

    Do daily meditation and train your mind. There is no magic answer otherwise. Although I did talk to Jana Fleming about it because she's studied with Depok Chopra and she said they studied the "Ohm" method. It's not just to sound funny but apparently to resonate within you at a certain vibration so you become centered.

    Just apply daily what you seem to already have a good grasp on and I believe you will hit home. Let me know about your success.

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